A Shed That Provides the Most Bang for the Buck

For many years, the traditional backyard shed came from a kit composed primarily of galvanized steel. Since it didn’t take long for these to develop rust and leaks people migrated toward a newer development, the larger and more durable wooden shed that simulated a small barn. Now homeowners can upgrade to the next evolution of the product, Pole Sheds—structures that can be built over a wide variety of surfaces, are constructed from more durable materials, and carry structural and workmanship warranties that span several decades.

More Affordable Than One Might Think

Many people don’t realize that there are several advantages of building a pole shed over a vinyl or wooden version, the first being a much more affordable price point. Although wood is a nice and sturdy material, the cost of sculpting lumber and treating it for outdoor use is very expensive. Pole sheds are also much cheaper than steel versions because they require fewer structural components as well as general upkeep. A quick price comparison of similar sheds made from each material will reveal that the pole versions are available at the lowest overall cost.

Build it Almost Anywhere

Adaptability is another key factor in pole shed construction. These structures don’t require any type of foundation or slab base, which means excavation work only happens if the owner wants a completely level surface. This is very beneficial if the construction site has a slight slope or terrain that is problematic to excavate. It also allows for a much faster construction time since the stability of the structure is dependent upon the placement of the framing poles rather than relying on a perfectly level base.

Plenty of Versatility

One of the most attractive benefits of pole sheds is that they are very easy to modify to meet an owner’s specific needs. Traditional metal or wood sheds only come in specific design plans, but a pole shed can be set up in almost any format to accommodate what the owner wants to use it for. Extra doors and windows can also be easily installed with minimal extra cost, unlike the planning and price that comes with placing these openings in other types of sheds. Additionally, if an area needs to be expanded it won’t take a lot of materials, money, or time to increase the size of the structure.