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Why Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney for Your DUI Case?

A lot of trouble awaits a person caught for DUI in Texas. You could face large fines, a suspended license, or even jail time depending on your speed, your blood alcohol content, and who the passengers in your car were.

You should then hire the services of a drunk driving attorney who can help handle the DUI case for you. A good attorney can make the difference between doing jail time and going free. The role of the drunk driving attorney is to instruct you on how to handle the situation and guide you in properly communicating with the court, the police and the DA.

Below are some of the ways that a drunk driving attorney can help you out.

You will receive penalties for being arrested for DUI. For the first offense of DUI you need to pay $2000 in fines, 3 to 180 days in jail, suspension of your license and annual fee to retain your driver’s license for three years. if this is not your first offense, then the punishment is more severe. The presence of a child in the car will give you worse penalties. Don’t ignore the summons. Your lawyer will advise you not to ignore the summons.

Some DUI cases don’t go to trial. Your DUI case can be subject to negotiations and plea deals. Your criminal punishment can be lessened if your attorney can convince the DA to accept a lower charge for you.

If you hire a good drunk driving attorney, he will help scrutinize the evidence against you. A good drunk driving attorney can challenge the evidence against you if he finds something amiss. An unfairly obtained evidence can be excluded. If the DA or police fail to follow the rules, then they may not use illegally obtained evidence against you. If the police have no reason to stop you, then their case may be thrown out. if the police conducted an illegal search of your car, then the case can be thrown out.

Your lawyer will also question possible witnesses to the event. The arresting officer will also be questioned by your attorney. A good criminal lawyer can see loopholes in the testimony of witnesses against you. The testimony of the police will also be challenged by your lawyer and may prove that the police is not a reliable witness.

When the case is over, your lawyer will advise you on what to do. You will be adviced to do rehab for your drinking problem. This behavior can be favorably looked at by the court to expunge your record.

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