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Understanding the Importance of Adaptogens

When it comes to talking about pricey pantry items, you would mostly find that there’s always some new superfood or super supplement being introduced every week. There are a lot of people like fitness fans and stressed-out execs are talking of something that’s already been present for a very long time, such as the adaptogens.

You probably have heard about adaptogens, which are actually a part of alternative medicine for many centuries already. ICYDK is actually a class of mushrooms and herbs that helps our body to boost its resistance to fatigue, stress, and sickness. Adaptogens are tools that help to balance the body when it comes to regulating hormones.

Based on the medical theory, herbs such as maca root, licorice root, ashwagandha, Rhodiola and lion’s mane is capable of helping to restore the communication between the brain and adrenal glands by balancing the hypothalamic-pituitary-endocrine axis which actually is known as the stress stem of the body. The axis in fact is the thing that’s responsible for regulating the connection of the stress hormones and brain, but this would not work perfectly always.

When a person is stressed, our brain would constantly ask the body to help manage the stress, which then causes the release and timing of stress hormone cortisol to go awry. It actually means that it will make the body take too long to produce cortisol and longer for it to level out. The hormones will have a hard time when there are a brain-body disconnect.

Adaptogens, however, could help in restoring communication between our brain and our adrenal glands, which is the one that’s responsible in producing and in regulating different hormones like adrenaline. This is done through focusing the HPA axis. The adaptogens also could help in managing hormonal responses on high-anxiety situations.

Adaptogens are however usually not a part of various mainstream health care providers. But research has shown that adaptogens have the potential to reduce stress, fighting fatigue, improving attention as well as to increase endurance. Also, there are different kinds of adaptogens within the broad category that it has. Each of them also are researched to varying degrees.

Some of the adaptogens like maca root, Rhodiola Rosea and ginseng can be more stimulating. It means that it can actually help when it comes to enhancing both mental performance and physical endurance. Some others like the holy basil and ashwagandha can help our body to chill out on the production of cortisol when you a person is very stressed. You probably also don’t know that the anti-inflammatory properties that’s present in turmeric are also the reason why superfood spices are also in the adaptogen family.

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