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Advantages of Commercial Window Tinting

Window tinting films are so different nowadays. No more odd colors and peeling edges, only long-lasting films that deliver a whole range of benefits for building owners and occupants.

Power Efficiency

In the summer, a building’s air conditioning system has to work harder to maintain desirable indoor temperatures, leading to higher energy costs. Window tinting films can offer substantial return on investment by obstructing much of the sun’s heat. Superior performance films can actually filter up to 75% of that heat, allowing them to reduce the operating costs of most commercial buildings, especially during hotter months.

More Comfort

Solar-filtering window films can help get rid of office hot spots, decrease glare on computer monitors, and regulate the amount of light that goes into every room. The above factors produce a general environment that increases the comfort of employees as well as clients throughout the year.

Security & Privacy

Window films give a building privacy while still allowing ample natural light out. In the life of any commercial building, extreme weather, vandalism and accidents are simply inevitable. Window films serve as a protective layer that keeps damage to a minimum. If the glass shatters, the pieces will stick to the film and stay in position until a window replacement is available, thereby preventing injury among building occupants.

Interior Protection

Over time, ultraviolet rays can harm electronics, furniture, electronics and most other things. This damage can be prevented with the help of tinted window films. They block out most of the harsh UV light and heat, controlling fading and overall solar damage.

Improved Appearance of Building Exterior

No matter how old or new a building is, modern window films can give it an instant fresh and slick look. The films are a quick way to make any piece of glass look flawless and well-maintained. Different curtains or blinds may be used from one room to the next, but with commercial window films, the building will look consistent from any angle from the outside. Nowadays, window films can actually be peeled off, and a replacement can be applied without needing new glass – just one among many cost-saving features offered by window films.

Low Maintenance Costs

Finally, very little maintenance is needed for window tinting. Because film is less porous than glass, dirt and streaks become less visible, making the glass look shinier and stretching the period between glass cleanings. If the windows actually need to be washed, a basic mild detergent and water solution is often enough, and the glass must be wiped dry afterwards with the use of a paper towel or soft cloth. From time to time, it is also good to polish the films using silicone products.

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