The Importance of Effective Time Management for Small Business Owners

Effective time management is essential for entrepreneurs if they hope to get everything accomplished that they need to. These men and women can learn from successful entrepreneurs like Kirk Chewning, co-founder with David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners. Small business owners may initially figure out how to get all the work tasks done on a given day, but they may not factor in other important personal activities. Sleep, healthy eating, exercise and relationships must also be factored into the schedule.

A Packed Work Schedule

These individuals may have to work 10 or more hours a day during the week. Surveys show that most small business owners have to work at least a few hours on weekends. They might take a week’s vacation, but they are still plugged in now and then while away from the business. Somehow, with this type of schedule, successful entrepreneurs manage to maintain a happy marriage, raise children and work out most days every week.

Preferred Workflow

People should pay attention to their intuitive preferred workflow. Many time management experts recommend scheduling the day’s tasks in order of priority, but that often puts the most work-intensive project at the top. This can be daunting for some men and women. They might start with something easier and quicker, like 30 minutes going through business email. After 30 minutes, it’s time to move on and tackle the main priority for the day.

A Longer-Term Plan

Creating a longer-term plan, such as for the week or a month, can make it easier to move through each day’s tasks. The small business owner may consider what goals he or she wants to accomplish by the end of that time frame. This makes it clearer how the daily steps relate to the larger goal.

Learning to Delegate

Learning how to delegate is important once the business owner has hired employees or a personal assistant. Many small business owners don’t like to assign tasks to others, preferring to handle everything. That way, they know the quality of the work that is being done. This is unsustainable for the long run, though, if the business is meant to grow.