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Reasons Women Need Better Car Safety Devices

Shocking as it is more women die from car accident regardless of whether they are wearing your seatbelt or not. Manufacturing company use 110 pound female car crash dummies during a simulated car crash which has led to the increase of death in women, especially since the average American woman weighs 166.2 pounds. There seems to be an issue when it comes to how the vehicles are tested for safety especially since more women are obese and about 73% are likely to die or get seriously injured.

There’s been a lot of uproar surrounding the issue of women being affected by car accidents than men in the recent months. The lightweight female car crash dummies were introduced in 2003 but women are likely affected in car crashes due to small bones and low bone density. People are getting more involved in the psychological differences in car safety that affect men and women compared to the past.

Talking to your car accident lawyer is beneficial since they can tell you everything about the safest vehicles in the country since women cannot get adequate information from the government website. You should work with a car accident lawyer so you will not have a hard time gathering evidence and they will help with the legal work. Women require different safety features compared to men and researchers have proven that many of the devices protects men more than women.

Women have a lot to lose during a car accident so researchers focus more on the test conditions and why they are failing when it comes safety predictions. Future research will focus more in determining which mechanical differences exist between men and women that have the greatest effect so they can be fixed. Deciding which witnesses should go to court is tiresome, which is why the car accident lawyer has the skills needed to identify people that will testify in your favor.

If you want to make the best out of every situation then you should identify a car accident lawyer that has experience and consult with at least five legal representatives. It is important for people to consider the history of the car accident lawyer to identify whether they have the guts needed to deal with insurance companies. You have to be transparent with your attorney regarding what happened before and after the accident so it will be easy for them to collect the necessary evidence and present you in court.

Consider the types of cases the lawyer has handled in the past class they should not be shy to provide references so you can verify their claims. You should check the credentials of the attorney to make sure they have everything in order, especially when it comes to license.