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How to Receive Your Immigration Bond Refund

Would you like to be refunded your immigration bond? Has your friend or relative been arrested for an immigration offence and you feel it’s not fair to have them spend more days in detention? That’s why it is important to bail them out. The main reason behind immigration bonds is to make sure suspects remain onnocent until proven guilty by allowing them into the society until their case is determined. Do not stay in detention for long if you can pay the bail in time. Or, your friends and relatives can bail you out as long as you are ready to comply with the law outside detention. But, most people don’t know about how to get a refund for their immigration bond. Below are tips to help you out.

First, comply to the legal requirements

First, make sure that the judge has closed your case before you can go ahead to claim your refund. That means that you should go for your hearings and even do everything else that they might need. You want the court to see that you are trustworthy. Remember, when it comes to applying and winning a court immigration bond, it is all based on how well the court can trust you. Many people apply for bonds but get denied because the court just can’t risk a chase. Thus, you need to make sure that they can easily get you just in case they have anything they want to find out.

Once your application has been approved, you can now start answering to the court while you are outside the cells. In short, you get a chance to continue being a productive person who takes care of their family or business activities but still being present when the court needs you. Hopefully, the court might be lenient with you and set a fine for or not guilty verdict but even if they sentence you, at least you will finish the court case.

Apply for the immigration bond refund

I digress- that’s not what I intend to talk about. Instead, it’s about the money your relatives or friends had bailed you out with. Most people will only bail you out of the cells in the surety that you will pay them back in due time. But how will you get back the money from the court? Now, that’s where applying for an immigration bond refund comes in.

Courts have meticulously laid procedures on how you can claim your immigration bond and get paid your money. Certainly, it is not lost. Your claim will be processed once you have received your ICE immigration bond refund claim form, filled it and submitted it. The form will then be processed and you will get back your cash- this homepage has more info.