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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

In CNC manufacturing, there actually are various ways on how you could cut materials like stainless steel. Both plasma cutting and CNC cutting is actually popular and though they are useful, they usually fall short if ever extreme precision is needed. The use of a high-powered stream of water by such machines will give precise cutting without lots of issues compared to other cutting methods.

When you are in need of an option with low tolerance, a waterjet metal cutting would be the perfect choice. In this article, you will learn some of the reasons why waterjet cutting services can provide you with the quality results you need.

Does not Cause Distortion

Cutters that uses heat like plasma cutters are very precise. However, because of its design, it heats up the materials which it cuts. Depending on what kind of material you use, it could potentially lead to warping, melting or distortion on the edges which in fact is far if you will be working on precise CNC manufacturing projects.

Cut out Different Type of Materials

Another benefit of using waterjet cutting is that you could also reduce the amount of abrasive material and it can be used for cutting any kind of materials. If it’s added with a rough type of abrasive, the waterjet cutter can cut through easily any type of materials like ceramics, stone, bullet proof glass and metals. It simply makes waterjet cutting the best option and also could give increased flexibility on manufacturing.

This also is capable of cutting fiber-reinforced materials, any uneven surfaces and stacked layers of various kinds of materials. Because the mechanical procedure happens on a microscopic level, it’s surface and content of the material is not considered a critical factor.

Gives out Less Hazardous Dust

Other available option of cutting methods tend to create grindings, dust and hazardous materials. Laser and plasma cutters tend to vaporize the small amounts of material that it cuts and will then lead towards serious environmental hazards.

With waterjet cutting however, it will minimize the risk of any potential hazards. Any chips and dusts that are harmful are in fact carried away with the water and not cutting oils and emulsions needed.

No Finishing Necessary

With immediate high cutting quality, it gives guarantees for a precise result that will help to avoid the need of finishing. This would make cutting procedures a lot faster and it could also help in saving time.

It likewise mean that waterjet cutting is a more environmentally-friendly option. This actually is because it will lead towards lower levels of wastes and there’s also fewer dangerous raw materials that would end up in landfills.